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Curated Podcast Reading List

Episode 01: On Bombay ducks, polygamy, disaster, and more.

Climate Adaptation Interventions in Coastal Areas: A Rapid Review of Social and Gender Dimensions 
Anjal Prakash, Katriona McGlade, Mathew Koll Roxy, Jayashree Roy, Shreya Some, Nitya Rao (2022), Frontiers in Climate


Engendering Climate Change: Learnings from South Asia

Edited by Asha Hans, Nitya Rao, Anjal Prakash, Amrita Patel (2021), Routledge India

Gendered vulnerabilities to climate change: insights from the semi-arid regions of Africa and Asia
Nitya Rao, Elaine T. Lawson, Wapula N. Raditloaneng, Divya Solomon, Margaret N. Angula (2017), Climate and Development

Breadwinners and Homemakers: Migration and Changing Conjugal Expectations in Rural Bangladesh
Nitya Rao (2012), Journal of Development Studies

Land rights, gender equality and household food security: Exploring the conceptual links in the case of India

Nitya Rao (2006), Food Policy

Nitya Rao Revised Poster.png

Episode 03: Syed Aminul Haque on rising seas, cyclones, and 'seasonal brides' in coastal Bangladesh

Child marriages have alarmingly increased in Eidgaon and Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar District 
COAST Bangladesh, 2021

Child marriage, climate vulnerability and natural disasters in coastal Bangladesh.
Asadullah, M.N., Islam, K.M.M. and Wahhaj, Z. in the Journal of biosocial science, 53(6)., 2021 

Environmental vulnerability and early marriage in Southern Bangladesh.
Sigma Ainul and Sajeda Amin in Population Association of America Annual Meeting in San Diego, California., 2015

'With climate change driving child marriage risks, Bangladesh fights back'.
Laurie Goering, Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2017.  


Episode 04: Dr Upasona Ghosh on cyclones, borders, and child trafficking in the Sundarbans.

Children of an Uncertain Climate. 

Upasona Ghosh Lalitha Swathi Vadrevu Arnab Mandal, 2018

The certainty of uncertainty: Climate change realities of the Indian Sundarbans.
Upasona Ghosh, Darley Jose Kjosavik and Shibaji Bose, The Politics of Climate Change and Uncertainty in India (pp. 107-133). Routledge., 2021 

Climate change and uncertainty from ‘above’and ‘below’: perspectives from India.
Lyla Mehta, Shilpi Srivastava, Hans Nicolai Adam, Alankar, Shibaji Bose, Upasona Ghosh, V. Vijay Kumar, in Regional Environmental Change, 19, pp.1533-1547. 

'In the Sundarban, climate change has an unlikely effect — on child sex-trafficking'.
Ritwika Mitra, The Fuller Project, 2022. 

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